Rio’s Recap #6

Finally! I get to tell you about my week. Mum told me I had to wait until my photos (yes – MY photos! Woohoo!) were ready to post on here.

Boundary Schooling-40

It started out a normal week, me and mum did some work in the school on Monday after some rain, so it was nice under-hoof. It was going nicely, I had picked up a perfect rhythm and was trotting around singing my happy tune until I realised I was dying to go to the toilet. Do you think I could go? It’s been really uncomfortable recently and a proper struggle at times and this was one of those times. After a few minutes of trying mum said we had to give up and get on, and then she picked up that darn stick again!

Sod rhythm, she obviously wanted more forward. Apparently not though, she wants something in between the two. I mean honestly, I want to eat all the grass and treats in the world and not get tummy ache, but we can’t all have what we want.

We had a nice hack out with Bailey this week too, and did some fun cantering, I got a bit excitable, but kept it mainly controlled as I don’t want mum to stop letting me have a hoon. She can be a bit of a spoil sport sometimes… (sorry mum…)

I thought we were going to go for another ride on Thursday, but just ended up getting another bath. Thanks mum. I’ll show you what I think of that…

Fast forward to Saturday morning. I’m standing up at the barn waiting to be tacked up, and then I spot auntie Sarah and her trailer coming up the track. What’s this all about?



Boundary Schooling-11

It was the best fun EVER!

Mum said I had to take care of auntie Sarah, so I tried my very best to keep hold of her at all times. I think she nearly wobbled off a couple of times, but we held it together all the way around. I might have spooked her a bit at the beginning though. We went trotting up to the first jump, and I’ve never done this before, so I thought I’d better stop and check what it was I was throwing myself over. I had a quick check and it all looked good, so I popped straight on over – I think I took her by surprise! Sorry!

Boundary Schooling-16

Boundary Schooling-44

I must have done good though – all I could see of mum behind her big lens was a huge grin, and I kept getting told I was a good boy and getting lots of pats. My favourite bit was the big step down into the empty waterhole. Freaking awesome. Hop down, hoon up two steps wooooo! I can’t wait to go again.

Boundary Schooling-48

Boundary Schooling-57

Boundary Schooling-63


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Horses, helicopter and h-omelettes

Sorry guys I’ve had some catching up to do on sharing the latest images, it’s been a bit hectic and my little girl has been poorly so apologies for the delay!

I recently went out to Horringer to photograph Sarah and Franks on a flatwork lesson at Horringer with Sarah Williamson. Sarah (W) has helped Sarah an incredible amount with Franks and how he carries himself, and his working manner. He’s a far cry from the crazy Irishman he was when I first met him!

As I pulled up the driveway past the cute gatehouse, and carried on, and on a bit further, I was wondering if I’d taken a wrong turn. Luckily there was a lovely man outside the house who confirmed I was indeed headed the right way, and if I parked up round the corner I should be able to smell my way to the stable block. Brilliant! If anybody wants a photoshoot here, please contact me – there were so many opportune spots I can’t even begin to tell you, it was a beautiful place, and so relaxed. The yard was abundant with various chickens and fowl, and the facilities were just to die for. Definite life goals.

Franks was his usual star-self, especially considering shortly after starting the lesson a helicopter landed just behind the trees! This apparently isn’t a common occurrence, but is certainly not unheard of – anyone for a chopper ride on a weekend afternoon? Lovely!

Riley the dog appeared part way through the second lesson with an egg carefully held in his teeth. Little did we realise that he has a habit of burying things to go back for later, and that’s exactly what the fate of the egg was! He ducked under the gate into the manege, and proceeded to dig a little hole for it, before very gently burying it with his nose. Sadly it wasn’t meant to be, and the egg soon got stood on by the handsome Jimmy whilst he was working very hard!

I hope you like your images ladies!


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