Rio’s Recap #7

Hi guys, hope you all had a good start to the week – I had a surprise hack this morning, hurrah! Photos from that next week though, or I’ll get all my days muddled up.

So last week started as a good rest, and apart from the rain on Monday it was quite nice mooching around the field. I definitely earned a break after my hard work at Boundary Farm, and was grateful when I was all snuggled up Monday night in my 100g rug to make sure I stayed warm. Tuesday I got to strut my stuff in my bright blue 50g Swish Equestrian rug (one of my favourites).

It was all a bit too much like hard work doing all of this relaxing, so on Wednesday morning I wasn’t quick enough to get up before mum spotted me having a laze around. She seemed pretty surprised – but then I don’t usually lay around all over the place when I know breakfast is due, or at all really when she’s up here! Of course she had to snap a photo from afar before I leapt up like a ninja. That’s my BFF Elf in the front there, and I’m snuggled in behind the fence.


I thought we were meant to be riding that evening, but mum had a long day and a headache, so I just came into the barn for dinner and a brush down. I really didn’t fancy it either so thanks mum!

I had my toes trimmed on Thursday. The farrier said I’m looking good at the moment. Why thanks very much Mr Farrier, but I always look good! Bit cheeky, although mum seemed to agree so I don’t know what that’s all about.

It’s been a while since I got to play with Elf, and there was a spot he just could reach over the fence when we were grooming together, so I decided to pop through the fencing and fix that issue. No problem – I didn’t even knock the fence down! Got my scratch, and chilled out for a couple of hours with my buddy before I had to go back into my own field. I made it super easy for mum and came down to the gate as she had the little person with her.


Saturday morning (EARLY!) I finally got to go out for a hack again, and we went round the village with Bailey. We had a good fast canter – mum got up off my back so I did my best to be very brave but luckily nothing jumped out at me so I didn’t have to catch her at all! I couldn’t quite work out my feet when we cantered through the gap in the hedge so I had to trot to get going on the right leg again, but it was all good! I thought about jumping a muddy patch but mum steered me around it at the last minute (spoil sport!)


I was in the bad books yesterday… Auntie Anna had to text mum to tell her I was in Elf’s paddock again – only this time I definitely misjudged it and might have taken out four posts when I made a break for it. By the time mum and the little person arrived they were out hacking so I was mooching around feeling proud of myself on my own. Mum walked up to my field with my breakfast – what?? I’m in here mum! Eurgh. I had to follow her up the field to where she was busy tutting and inspecting the “damage” I’d done, and step over the fallen fencing just to get my breakfast. I mean honestly, would it have been so hard to have let me have it next door? Well by the time I’d eaten brekkie, she’d propped some posts up and I was back in my own field. Ho hum. Later on Mr Cliff came and banged the posts back in and fixed it all properly so I guess I’d better leave it a few days before I try it again…

I did at least make it up to mum last night as she took me out straight from the field on my long lines! It was awesome going out for a stroll without her sat on me. I had a lovely old time of it, even when she asked me to steady up on the way home because she kept tripping over holes in the long grass (keep up mum… seriously…) I obliged anyway and it seemed to do the trick as she was giving me kisses and cuddles again with my dinner in the barn. Soo easy to get around her!

Well that was my week – what have all you other horses and ponies been up to?


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A is for Aspiring

Thanks to Rose of Daydream Equine Art for tagging me into this challenge! Every day for the next 26 days I will post an image (or even a video!) related to every letter of the alphabet #equinebusinessalphabet

The aim of the game is to let you know a bit more about my business, maybe behind the scenes, a bit of an insight from me, or if I struggle to think of something, a bit of an iffy connection! Let’s see what comes up!

So, A is for Aspiring.


There’s one thing that I always find with horsey people, and that is their aspirations of what they want to be able to do with their horse. Whether it’s to enjoy going out and hacking, or if you want to build up to jumping a 3 foot fence, or go out and achieve in cross country or dressage, there’s usually something. We almost always know we can do something better, and next time we will get that circle right, or that pole up instead of rolling it!

I aspire to building my relationship with Rio to a point where I can ride him on my own, and even be able to go out on a solo hack. Today, I aspired to mounting in the schooling field at our yard, which he has never been particularly fond of, and walking a couple of laps before we hacked out with Sarah and Franks, and we did a grand job. Tomorrow I aspire to schooling Rio out there for a bit, probably on our own completely! It’s a long road to where I want to be, but we’re taking one step and one day at a time. I aspire to one day take him out and do a dressage test! There are always things to work towards and build up to when you have a horse.

It’s your aspirations that inspire my images. So what do you aspire to do with your horse?


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Winter or wait?

Why you should book a winter portrait shoot with your horse.

I know; you’ve been thinking about booking a photoshoot, but Christmas is coming up, and the weather isn’t any good, and your horse is hairy and covered in mud, and the ground is sticky, and you want that golden glow, and… Just stop right there.

Firstly, now is a great time to suggest a photoshoot voucher as a Christmas gift (if you’re anything like me, there’s nothing you really need that you can think of, and you’ve just restocked your horse’s wardrobe!) A voucher can be redeemed immediately, or saved for that promising Spring/Summer shoot. Just hold that thought.

You wouldn’t believe me if I said that there are as many opportunities throughout Summer for a shoot to be cancelled as over Autumn/Winter, right? Well, this is Great Britain, and trust me whatever time of year it is, if the weather puts our plans on hold we can reschedule. Don’t let the weather be a deciding factor in your shoot.

That golden glow that you have fantasised about when browsing through photos of people snuggled up to their horses, that’s found at sunset. Guess what? At this time of year that means no late nights! Winter sun is much softer, and often reflects beautifully through sparse tree branches, off early morning frosts, and through the mystical fog and mists that descend at this time of year. It also has a magical softening effect on your skin in photographs. Are you starting to like winter shoots yet?

You can layer up your wardrobe, get snuggled up and accessorised with your hats, scarves, jackets, gilets and boots. I love layering up, and hiding those chocolate bar sins, I don’t know about you! I am building up a selection of outfits to inspire your photoshoot wardrobe over on Pinterest – take a look here. This is something I will add to regularly, so if you’re preparing for a shoot, do check back.

Whether you opt for a woolly teddy bear look (hopefully with mud brushed out to silky-soft perfection!), or decide to clip your horse, their coats can still look shiny and beautiful. If you are going to clip your horse, the best time to do this is 2 weeks prior to your shoot. This will give the natural oils in their coat time to do their thing, and any wayward lines or tufts will be hidden as the clip begins to grow back through.

Less than perfect ground? Don’t worry about wet and muddy conditions. I can assure you that these won’t come across as you would expect in your images, and you’ll probably not notice muddy fields at all. If you’re super worried that your yard isn’t going to provide suitable conditions, then the beach is a good alternative to consider if you feel safe doing so!

Also, I’m not sure if you’ve heard, but I have a waiting list for snow shoots – there’s been none for the last three years and I would absolutely love to capture some magical snowy photos for you if the white stuff decides to make an appearance.

So if you want to book your photoshoot, don’t put it off just because it’s November. I look forward to hearing from you soon!



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