Sarah, Silver & Jeffrey, Bentley

Last year I ran a competition to win a photoshoot, and the lucky winner was Sarah with her two handsome boys, Silver & Jeffrey. Just down the road from me, Sarah’s livery is on a gorgeous apple orchard – one I used to ride around as a child! It was wonderful to be able to come back, and provided a perfect backdrop.

Sarah Llewellyn-3

Silvern Crown is 21 years young, and has been with Sarah since he was just four years old. He has stunning bloodlines, of an old English line – the Crabbet Arabians – and was bred by the Duchess of Rutland of Belvoir Castle. He certainly holds an air of royalty about him!

Silver used to be out and about with Sarah on the showing circuit, and would often see his brothers. They were also no strangers to a bit of dressage, competing up to Medium together, and even winning a one day event! It sounds like he has turned his hoof to a bit of everything – if only he didn’t keep eating his bridles (6 at the last count, Sarah??!)

Sarah Llewellyn-1

Nowadays the boys keep Sarah sane; having two young children, the yard is a bit of a retreat!

Jeffrey is a totally different character altogether, and boy does he know he’s handsome. He joined the family 7 years ago, and is now in his prime aged 11. Once he’d had a quick check of my camera, he soon figured out the game, and forward popped the ears. With a very posh name like Rushton Bali Prince you’d be forgiven for thinking that he too is of royal descent. Sadly we don’t know as much about his heritage so it will remain today’s mystery! All I can tell you is that, like Rio, he has an awfully girly neigh!

Sarah and Jeffrey have been out together doing cross country and showjumping in the past, which is something that hopefully they can get back to soon, and Sarah tells me she has learnt a lot from him. In turn, she has become a much braver rider, and they’re a great team together, when he’s not trying to eat people’s fingers.

Sarah Llewellyn-2

I had a great time meeting you all, and look forward to seeing you get back out and about soon Sarah! Thank you for having me!

Jeffrey Silver-1


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Getting to know me

Near the top of Mont Tremblant in Canada

#equinebusinessalphabet – G

Earlier this year I wrote a blog post about myself (which you can find here), because I think it’s important to know that behind your screen, I am a real person! I’m a mum, a horse owner, and now run my own photography business, which I truly hope you will be a part of.

So I thought I’d do a few random facts on this post instead, a quickfire round if you like:

  • I have a 6 month old daughter. In fact next week she will be 7 months. It’s going too fast!
  • The main thing I missed when I was pregnant was steak because I love it medium-rare, and parma ham because you’re not meant to eat cured meat. Sad times but totally worth it
  • I would love to go back to Australia one day. I love to travel
  • I have a dent in my leg from a dirtbike incident 8 years ago
  • I hate lumpy yoghurts with bits of fruit in
  • I have two cats, two guinea pigs and a horse
  • My favourite flower is a Calla Lily, my wedding bouquet was deep purple ones, which I had dried and framed after we got married, and they are hung in my lounge
  • I have three tattoos, and would love more but probably can’t have them due to my blood thinners
  • I always wanted a pug, but the money I saved for one went towards buying my horse, Rio!
  • I think I have a small coca cola addiction, and also, it should always be out of a chilled can or glass bottle
  • You won’t see me in many places without my yard boots on…

Well that’s a little more randomness from me, I’ll be back tomorrow! Don’t forget to subscribe to my mailing list for a chance to win a FREE photoshoot in 2017, or be added to my snow photoshoot list. I have a good feeling about the white stuff this year!


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