Me and Rio strut our stuff

After weeks in the making, spending time preparing Rio for his time in the spotlight, and nowhere near enough time thinking about my own outfits, at the end of last month, we welcomed Gemma to the yard for our very own photoshoot! Three baths, 2 clipping sessions and strategic rugging in the days beforehand, Rio was looking beautiful.

I never have a second thought about telling you all not to worry about your shoot – whether you’re worrying about your outfit, your horse misbehaving, the weather, or just don’t know what to expect. That didn’t stop me from experiencing last minute nerves, even though I knew we would have a fab time!


Once Rio had got through his initial munching of the plentiful grass around the yard, getting me a bit warm in the process, we managed to get some sensible shots from him. Number one tip learned – have a tissue with you to dab at shiny spots on your face! After we headed out and had some fun in the long grass, we went back into the barn for some quiet time and some cuddles, resulting in my absolute favourite image of the shoot.



I had flower garlands to hand (watch out for these to pop up in some of my own shoots) and Rio did a great job of posing with the help of the All Ears Selfie app. He was particularly fond of the donkey noise! I’m pretty sure he was almost falling asleep by this point, so we decided it was time to head out and try some ridden shots as he was clearly nice and relaxed.



The boy did me proud, and stood like a total rock whilst I wobbled around on the straw bales stacked in the jumping arena to get on him. I’m just so graceful! He posed patiently whilst I lounged all over him and gave him lots of cuddles, and even popped in a bit of fun when he stepped up on the straw bales stacked up out on the stubble field!



All in all, we had a fantastic time on the other side of the camera, and I love the results. Thank you Gemma – I can’t wait to return the favour on the weekend!

Gemma is an equine portrait photographer, and country wedding photographer, covering mainly Suffolk and Bedfordshire. If you’d like to know more about Gemma you can find her at or on Facebook and Instagram.


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A is for Aspiring

Thanks to Rose of Daydream Equine Art for tagging me into this challenge! Every day for the next 26 days I will post an image (or even a video!) related to every letter of the alphabet #equinebusinessalphabet

The aim of the game is to let you know a bit more about my business, maybe behind the scenes, a bit of an insight from me, or if I struggle to think of something, a bit of an iffy connection! Let’s see what comes up!

So, A is for Aspiring.


There’s one thing that I always find with horsey people, and that is their aspirations of what they want to be able to do with their horse. Whether it’s to enjoy going out and hacking, or if you want to build up to jumping a 3 foot fence, or go out and achieve in cross country or dressage, there’s usually something. We almost always know we can do something better, and next time we will get that circle right, or that pole up instead of rolling it!

I aspire to building my relationship with Rio to a point where I can ride him on my own, and even be able to go out on a solo hack. Today, I aspired to mounting in the schooling field at our yard, which he has never been particularly fond of, and walking a couple of laps before we hacked out with Sarah and Franks, and we did a grand job. Tomorrow I aspire to schooling Rio out there for a bit, probably on our own completely! It’s a long road to where I want to be, but we’re taking one step and one day at a time. I aspire to one day take him out and do a dressage test! There are always things to work towards and build up to when you have a horse.

It’s your aspirations that inspire my images. So what do you aspire to do with your horse?


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