Supporting your event photographer

We all love to see our horses out there strutting their stuff, and looking fabulous doing it. If you're out competing, you like to know that there's a photographer on the ringside capturing your best dressage test to date, that massive oxer your horse made to look like a warm up fence, or the leap … Continue reading Supporting your event photographer


Stratford Hills – Clear Round XC

Thank you to Lauren for inviting me down for the day, it was a pleasure and turned out to be a lovely sociable event. I look forward to seeing more on the calendar. If you're interested in hiring the cross country course to have a play yourself, head over to Stratford Hills' Facebook Page and give them a call or drop them a message. The scenery is beautiful and the rolling hills won't fail to give you a challenge along the way!

BSPS Area 16 Spring Show

As a portrait photographer, I capture moments between horse and owner, and although I've dabbled in showing photos for friends, it's all a bit different for me. So I was free this Saturday, and decided a change of pace would be a great idea - BSPS Area 16 here I come!

Poplar Park ODE Part 1

Toasties, pancakes and one day eventing, with my camera. Poplar Park ODE Sunday 12th March

Hedge hoppers

Let me set the scene.Β  It's a brisk but bright Sunday morning. You're looking out over your beautiful rolling hills, complete with well kept hedgerows, having a cuppa after you've turned out your horses for the day. The breeze is chilly as the first horseboxes arrive, and you can start to feel a buzz of … Continue reading Hedge hoppers