Aaand Sleep!

#equinebusinessalphabet - letter Z - zzzzzz time to sleep!Β  Firstly - a big thank you to Rose Lewis for setting the blogging challenge that has been the equine business alphabet. No, it hasn't taken me 26 days, but we've made it to Z, and learned a bit along the way! I've learned that blogging every … Continue reading Aaand Sleep!


Yards – on location

Yards - on location for your equine photoshoot. Horse photographer, Suffolk


#equinebusinessalphabet - letter X - eXciting! There's nothing more I love to do, when I'm not with my little family or my own cheeky horse, than seeing you all enjoying your horses. Photoshoots are great fun, and despite my nerves (gosh, I really want to get those images for you!) I get so excited about … Continue reading X-citing!

What to wear

#equinebusinessalphabet letter W - what to wear! So, I have couple of very useful graphics to help you choose colours that will work with your horse - the first is based more towards showing, but gives you a basis to work from! If you have a cow pony, like I do, you're best to goΒ with … Continue reading What to wear

Viewing your images

Finding out about how little of a salesperson I am... Viewing your images following your photoshoot!

Using your images

#equinebusinessalphabet letter U - using your images! So we had a blast on the day of your photoshoot, your gallery has been edited and you're browsing through your photos. What's going through your mind? Do you have an idea of what you would like to do with your images? In this digital age, so many … Continue reading Using your images


Capturing the bond between human and horse - #equinebusinessalphabet letter T. Trust.

Quickfire Questions

Equine photographer, horse portrait photography in Suffolk and surrounding areas

Life Goals

Letter L - Life Goals #equinebusinessalphabet What better day to reflect on what I'd wish for in my life than Christmas Day?! Merry Christmas to one and all, I hope you are all having a wonderful day and eating and drinking plenty! Recently in one of the facebook groups I am a part of, we … Continue reading Life Goals

(not quite) Kisses

Letter K - kisses on your equine shoot #equinebusinessalphabet Just a quick little insight on puckering up with your horse on your shoot. We've all seen (and probably done intentionally!) duck face posing when you're out having a laugh and take a selfie, but that's possibly not the look you're after for that 20 x … Continue reading (not quite) Kisses