What’s in a photographer?

This was a lot of fun to do, and just goes to show what a difference processing can make on the final images you receive from your photographer. It may seem counterintuitive for me to promote the work of my fellow photographers, but we all want our clients to be happy at the end of their journey with us, which always starts with the first step! So there you have it! A push of a button takes a photo, but the photographer makes it!

Win a photoshoot! (and a host of goodies!)

If you didn't already see my post with the background on what I'm trying to do, you can find that right here, but in a nutshell I want to brighten up the day of someone who deserves a treat! In fact, I'm actually looking to brighten up the day of two people in November. This Autumn, I'm … Continue reading Win a photoshoot! (and a host of goodies!)

Gemma & Nixon

Earlier this year, Rio and I had our turn in front of the lens (you can read about that here) - and in return I visited Gemma and Nixon out at Saxmundham to photograph them together. It was an ideal collaboration between us as photographers, because I'd never stopped to have photos taken with Rio, … Continue reading Gemma & Nixon

Togs in Tidmarsh

Raspberry and I took a day trip to Tidmarsh last month, where we caught up with fellow equine photographers Rose Lewis, Katie Mortimore and Louise Groom. You can tell it's going to be a good day when the only delay on the M25 is a mere 15 minutes and still moving at 30mph!