If I’m answering this question honestly, yes, you should be in the photos. Of course I can take images of your horse standing alone in a beautiful field, or under a stunning weeping willow tree, but what I always aim to capture in my shoots is the bond between you and your horse. That’s a bit difficult without you! For many of my clients, having a photoshoot is about creating memories with your horse, because as we all know, time just flies by so quickly, and before you know it, it might be too late.

Do you want to remember just your horse, or your friendship?

Sarah Llewellyn-1

Nowadays we snap photos, selfies and videos on our phones without thinking much about it, but as soon as someone suggests turning a camera on us we can get a bit weak at the knees. I’m no exception! Believe me, I know why you’re asking, and before I started photographing people with their horses, I would have asked the same. When I started out, I used to just photograph the horses on their own, and the images were lovely, but my style is developing now, and I get so much satisfaction out of capturing that little glance, cuddle or smooch.


All I can say is that your photoshoot is meant to be fun. We will chat, share silly stories about our horses, and before you know it I’ll have taken your photo (alot) and you’ll be wondering what on earth you were worrying about. I’ll be able to give you tips throughout the shoot on getting the best angles whilst working with your horse, and helping you stay relaxed.

What I won’t do is direct your every last move (except where we are after a specific pose). We will have a starting point, and I’ll give you the odd direction here and there as needed, of where to look toward, perhaps getting you to lean in for a kiss or a cuddle, or to relax a tense arm, but aside from that most of the shoot follows a natural flow. You could call it a form of lifestyle photography, and this style lends itself perfectly to helping you relax in front of the lens.


If you’re in two minds, I really hope this helps you reconsider, take a deep breath and step out in front of the camera with your horse. Also – keep an eye out for my blog about my experience in front of the camera with Rio!

Have a great weekend!

Laura x


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