A couple of months back, when it was all warm and sunny (nothing like today!) I had the pleasure of meeting Caitlin, mum Hanna, adorable pooch Bea, and Caitlin’s childhood pony Saffron. We had a fab support team on the day, prepared for outfit changes and trying to get those ears forward! I do love it when it becomes a group affair!


Hanna contacted me back in April to arrange a gift voucher for Caitlin’s birthday, and I was super excited when I found out that Saffy was not only a Welshie, but palomino! Call me cliche, but I’ve always wanted a palomino, and of course I have a soft spot for Welsh ponies. If that wasn’t enough, their story together is wonderful too.


Caitlin has had Saffy as long as she can remember, and for a pony in her mid twenties she was certainly not short of character or energy! Hanna rescued her from the meat man at Cambridge market around 15 years ago, and they’ve never looked back. She’s taught several youngsters to ride properly, and loves to get out hacking, especially where there’s water involved, and from what I’ve heard, can still give her buddies a run for their money when there’s a stubble field to play on! Saffy has also played her responsible pony part though, and will be the sweetest when you put a little person on her. Sounds like my perfect princess pony!


We did try to get a photo of Saffy with her Twister lolly, as she used to steal them when she was growing up! She wasn’t going to perform her trick for us on the day though, much to our disappointment, and I think Caitlin’s surprise! It’s always good when we can have a play around with slightly different images, and despite the grass still being a little damp, Caitlin was game to try a bit of an alternative angle… Bea even managed to sit with the girls for a minute so we could get her in too!


We had a perfect day, with some gorgeous open fields to play in, and I couldn’t finish my blog without a little mention of Bea the Jack Russell who came out to play too. She was so sweet, and we all had a lot of fun, not to mention even more of a giggle towards the end!

Thank you ladies for having me, and I look forward to getting your images & cushion out to you!


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