Recently I spoke to Sarah Johnstone of Apt Cavalier, to find out a bit more about the brand. From keeping comfy at the yard, to looking super smart out competing, the brand focus is to combine function and fashion, and it does a super job!

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With factories based right here in Britain, you can buy knowing you are supporting our own economy, which is something I love. I also love their strapline – winners wear Apt Cavalier – because we all want to be winners, right? Whether that’s out showing or just tacking up and getting in the saddle!


The AC performance skins are lightweight, and ooze quality in both appearance and performance. In practical terms the tops encourage oxygen flow to muscles, whilst transferring perspiration away from your skin. The sports mesh panel at the back relieves that sweaty back problem when out on the cross country course under your body protector, and on top of all of this, you can match it with a smart pair of jeans or jods to be photoshoot ready in a jiffy!


Sarah was inspired by her own cross country rounds coming back feeling hot, sweaty and red in the face, desperate to get her body protector off, and has enlisted multiple riders throughout development to test the product – all of whom have fallen in love with it!   apt-cavalier-essential-saddle-cloths-1498213680SC-1

As well as this, AC provide performance leggings, t-shirts, jackets, gilets, wintery woolly hats, and even saddle cloths so you can dress your horse up too.

You can find out more about Apt Cavalier, or buy your own at the links below:

Thanks to Sarah for speaking to me, watch out for the next feature with Lydia of LD Equestrian next month!


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