I think it’s safe to say I’ve earned my keep this week! Auntie Sarah has been on a mission to get me looking like a posh pony, and mum has been getting on a few times at the end of our sessions too.

I’ve been doing loads of canter work, which would be great if I didn’t still have such a thick coat, but I keep getting all hot and sweaty. Apparently I’m having photos taken with Mum next month though, so she has assured me I’ll be clipped out in a couple of weeks so I look all handsome and smart again. How awesome am I going to look when I’m clipped and being posh? I’ll definitely have to strut my stuff then.

We played with a grid as well, it was a bit confusing as there was a bounce and a one stride gap but after a few goes I nailed it. I’m feeling a bit more confident in my canter work now so I didn’t have to just trot over the jumps, woohoo.

Even better though, I got to go for the first hoon around a stubble field on Saturday with auntie Sarah. AMAZING. Me and Bailey were having a great time going for it. I’m now starting to quite enjoy my hose downs after rides now too – it’s nice and refreshing (and great for getting the dirt to stick when I roll!)

On Sunday auntie Sarah took me out for a hack on my own around the fields, and Chip caught up with us for a trot at one point. When they went a different way to us I proved that my brave pants were well and truly on, and pretended not to even notice. We were too busy being nosey in people’s gardens to worry about it. Mum got on when we got back to the barn, and we went for a walk around the block. I tried not to squish Sarah too much as she walked out next to me. After mum got off I decided I was just going to stand still and not move just in case anybody else wanted to get on – after they promised I was finished I eventually walked into the barn and had my saddle and bridle off.

Mum says she’s got a busy week this week, but hopefully we will still get to do some stuff. See you next week!


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