Hiya guys! I’ve had a busy week this week, can’t wait to tell you all about it!

Bailey and I took the girls out for a hack on Monday, mum said we were out for 2 hours 40 minutes, and we went 10+ miles! Usually when we ride out only one of the girls joins us but Auntie Sarah came and rode Chip so they could come out together for a change. I think they enjoyed it! Polly super enjoyed our canters. Mum even let me hop over a log (she just about stayed on – she’ll get there eventually!)


After my busy weekend I had a couple of days to rest – I was a bit achey after popping around those poles last week, so mum let me have a bit of chill time. On Wednesday she made me do some thinking in the school. She was trying to get me to stand by this new wooden mounting block, but if I’m honest, I wasn’t a fan of it – and I’ve NO idea what on earth she was doing. Basically she asked me forward and I ended up trying to jump the mounting block. I like my jumping. So I thought that’s what she wanted. Turns out, not so much… She said something about speaking to Auntie Wendy for help when she sees her! Anyway once that nonsense was done she let me stretch my legs a bit. I was feeling good, so I set off into canter. Mum looked a bit surprised but let me go and I went round and round until she gave me the signal to come in. I even managed to trot, and then walk around both ways and was very sensible. You’re welcome!

Mum abandoned me on Friday, she went off up to Lahndan, or something like that anyway. I wasn’t bothered. Auntie Millie brought me my dinner and tucked me into my rug. I had a bit of a moment when something caught my eye, but I did my best to look brave so I didn’t embarrass myself too much…


On Saturday mum turned up with a new saddle pad. It looked posh and was fluffy on the inside. As it turns out, just because it looks pretty doesn’t mean it’s comfortable. Hope you’re listening mum [yes Rio… saddle pad has now been sold…] I did try to tell her it wasn’t comfy – I think I made it pretty obvious! First I walked off when she tried to put on my bridle, then when she was on and we had walked quite far enough down the road, I turned aroundΒ very calmly and tried to walk back home. She wouldn’t let me, because she said she didn’t want me to get into a bad habit. I was coping OK, trying to be a good boy, and we had a canter up the hill. Mum got up off my back and it wasn’t so bad, so I did a good canter. In hindsight I should have thrown in a buck, as mum said she would have turned around if I had! We carried on through the countryside, and mum soon decided that she didn’t much like the saddle pad either (hurrah!) as she felt wobbly. Yeah, thanks for the wobbling around by the way… She finally got the message and got off to walk me the last mile home. It was such a relief when she got off and loosened my tummy strap. Thanks mum. I felt a bit better by the time we got back home, and was able to walk out properly again instead of crossing my front hooves a bit.

I got to have my old saddle pad back on Sunday. I was a bit nervous as I thought I was going to get pinchy back again, but it was alright. Mum took me into the jump field today. I was very chilled out, even when we went past a bit of hose that was hissing. Not sure what mum was doing – she managed to lose a stirrup in trot somehow, but either way I caught her and stopped quickly so she could sort herself out. It was hard work, and I felt a bit sluggish, but we did some trotting over poles on the ground. I only leapt a couple and not by a lot. I got made to do them again when I hopped over them as mum said I should be looking what’s there, not remembering what I did the other day with Auntie Sarah. The cantering was difficult. Mum’s leg keeps creeping up my side, she said she’s going to get us some lessons to try and help. If you know any good teachers please let her know! I did manage to canter a few times though, and we cantered over one pole, but I misjudged it and jumped it a little bit. Mum dropped one of the reins, but stayed straight so she picked me straight back up. It was a bit eventful, but we know what we’re working on now! Mum’s posting a video here:

Whilst I think about it – mum’s video channel is here, pop over and subscribe to keep up with our antics! There’s some old videos of some of our hacks and old attempts at schooling before mum had a baby – oh, and my first (and only!) ever dressage test! So much fun…


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