Do you jump your horse?

Sarah jumping Odie Montage

I don’t… Yet. I’m a bit of a wimp when it comes down to it.

Recently I went to photograph Sarah’s first time back in the jumping saddle. She had her lesson with Sarah of Back to Balance (this won’t get confusing at all!) on a lovely grey connie called Corrib Buoy – also known as Odey.

Sarah jumping Odie-6

Odey is a full connemara, by Owens Blossom, of Abbeyleix Owen – he’s been with Sarah (B2B) for 3 years now, and in that time he’s earned his keep! He’s taught beginners to ride, is a super hack, and is in his element now out eventing and team chasing. He’s on his way to Hickstead in September to compete in the Sunshine Tour Arena Eventing Trials!

Sarah (B2B) tells me that Odey is unique in his approach to each rider, so we were all interested to see how he would take to Sarah!

Sarah jumping Odie-25

Hoping for an easy start back into jumping, Sarah and Odey set off to warm up, before coming round ober the first jump of the day. With a bit of a question from Odey, she kicked on and they quickly found their stride! It wasn’t long before she was jumping a grid, an oxer, and a water tray before finishing off with a neat little course.

I think it’s safe to say she’s caught the bug again and will be out jumping more very soon!

Sarah jumping Odie-19

Sarah jumping Odie-34

Sarah jumping Odie-37


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