I want to celebrate everyone who doesn’t go out competing and winning the ribbons from week to week. Too often, and myself included, when asked what we do with our horses, we respond with a slightly downbeat “oh, we just hack really”. There’s so much placed upon those of us horsey people who get out there in front of the crowds, and I have a lot of respect for these people, but let’s not underestimate what it takes to be a happy hacker!

Whether you hack alone or in company, it can take a lot of steel to tack up and ride out around the local area. Roads nowadays seem to be getting more and more dangerous with people reporting more accidents, but for some of us there aren’t other options. We saddle up, get ourselves kitted out in the biggest brightest hi viz we can, and we take our horses out for a ride.


You can’t beat the feeling of being out in the open countryside if you have hacking available to you. The crunch of a gravel path, hooves pounding across the open fields, cantering across rolling hills and overseeing the beautiful views of our country. Perhaps a nice quiet walk through the woods is more your cup of tea, taking in that heady woodland scent and the quiet rustling of the branches as you duck and dive those pesky overgrowing twigs.

Just watch out for the wildlife. You know – the pheasants that like to leave it to the last second to pounce on you out of the closest overgrowth, the deer who might be horse-eating monsters as they bound alongside, pigs snuffling away (clearly threatening!), maybe even a herd of noisy cows, and all of the other little critters you might have the pleasure of encountering.

Yes, there’s much more to hacking than we give ourselves credit for. So next time somebody asks you what you and your horse get up to, be proud when you declare that you are indeed a Happy hacker. Why not share your favourite hacking moment with us?

Bookings now being taken for Spring/Summer 2017


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