Hello Spring

There’s a faint earthy scent in the air, and that glorious waft of freshly mown grass from down the road. The bluebells are starting to peer out of their buds, ready to create a stunning purple blue bed for us to find. Trees are coming out in all shades of green, and the blossoms are starting to emerge. Those bare hedgerows are filling out, and make for a perfect backdrop, the fields are lush with grass, and all manner of crops fill the landscape.

Spring has sprung, and as you brush away the last loose hairs from your horse’s coat, tidy up the once wild mane, and brush the mud from their tail, a gentle breeze picks up and blows the cobwebs away. Nothing feels better than the fresh start that Spring brings with it. The longer nights mean that sunsets and the golden hours before sundown are perfectly accessible for an evening photoshoot, and what better way to wind down after a long day?

Sunshine is coming

So wipe the dirt from those boots, get out your glad rags, and call me to book your Spring 2017 photoshoot today.

Bookings now being taken for Spring/Summer 2017.

Limited weekend dates now available for April.


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