#equinebusinessalphabet – letter Y – Yards


When you book a photoshoot, it’s completely up to you where we capture your images. Obviously I’m not going to turn down a day at the beach, or in some lovely woodland, but often the easiest and safest place is at your own yard.

Your horse is quite literally at home on the yard, and where there is familiarity, there’s usually more relaxation, and less spooking. You may think your yard has nothing special to offer in the way of backdrops, or you may be lucky and have some stunning scenery. Either way, I can assure you that there are spots we can create some beautiful photos.

Open fields, hedgerows, wooden fencing, gates, walls, doorways… These all give us opportunities. The one thing best avoided is electric fencing, and unless absolutely necessary I will try to avoid shooting in an arena. There are some situations where photographs being caught in an arena make sense, eg; ridden dressage etc. if this is what we are shooting! As with all photo sessions booked, you will get a telephone consultation before the day, so we all know what to expect, and what we are looking to capture on the day.

Bookings now being taken for Spring/Summer 2017


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