#equinebusinessalphabet letter U – using your images!


So we had a blast on the day of your photoshoot, your gallery has been edited and you’re browsing through your photos. What’s going through your mind? Do you have an idea of what you would like to do with your images? In this digital age, so many people have thousands of photographs that very rarely get looked at just a couple of days after they’re taken. Gigabytes of cloud storage, full of memories that have been captured yet still forgotten about.

I would really urge you to consider what you would like in print, whether this be prints that you can frame, canvases, art blocks, or perhaps a folio that you can stand on the mantel. I’m not a sales person, that’s my sister’s bag, so I’m not going to pressure you into buying a huge package of images that you don’t want, but please don’t let this occasion pass by without getting value from it. That value comes in the form of tangible pieces of my work that you get to admire and enjoy every day for years to come.

I take my product sourcing very seriously, and have recently been focussing on finding the best canvas product for you. Good news – I’ve found it! I really believe that sourcing handmade is worth every penny, and the value clearly shows in the final product.

So, with a thick 38mm quality pine frame, Β 380gsm 100% cotton that’s hand stretched, and corner wedges to ensure stability and durability as standard, what’s not to love? I was also very impressed with the “mirror” effect on the sides of the canvas, they add the perfect finish to your image.

There are other products available, and I will continue to review these regularly to ensure you always receive the best quality outcome. I will have these with me at your shoot so that you can see the products and know what you will be purchasing.

Now booking for March & April


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