#equinebusinessalphabet letter S – smiling during your photoshoot!


So, we’ve discussed your shoot, we know what you’re looking for, and we’ve assessed how your horse is feeling on the day.

Your equine friend is standing looking super gorgeous, and I’m clicking away taking all of these amazing shots… until we realise that you’re mid-way through saying “good boy” or “woah” in half of them. Stand in front of a mirror and say good boy, and see if that’s the look that you’re after – I’m sure it’s not quite what you’ve got in mind for that stunning canvas to adorn your hallway wall!

stubble-trouble-3-of-5All I can ask is that whilst we are shooting, you keep that smile going. You don’t need to worry about what your horse is doing – I’ll capture the moments he’s standing with ears pricked, but it’s down to you to keep smiling so that it comes together at the right time! Plus it’s always nice to see photos of us with a big grin, right? As someone who’s always behind the camera, and rarely in front of it, I like to see a photo where I am obviously enjoying myself.

If you’re ready to beam for the camera, contact me today and book your photoshoot for 2017.


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