#equinebusinessalphabet – letter N

People often worry that their horse will be naughty for their photoshoot, but what makes a horse “naughty”? It’s in a horse’s nature to do whatever is easiest for them at any given time – if they are misbehaving, there’s usually a reason behind it, whether it’s fear, boredom, discomfort or maybe a touch of laziness (lol).

As a horse owner myself, I’m well-versed in experiencing the various “naughty” behaviours, and you can rest assured that nothing will surprise me. Your photoshoot will work around how your horse is feeling on the day, and we can keep moving as necessary, changing it up to keep your horse occupied. We won’t do anything that makes either you or your horse uncomfortable, and we will discuss this before and on the day.

So what are you waiting for? Drop me a message and get your 2017 shoot booked in!



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