#equinebusinessalphabet letter M – memories and moments


Another year done, and a whole bunch of stuff has gone on over these last 12 months! Another year of memories, and moments – how many of them can you remember?

How many have you caught on camera?

How many are now sat on a hard drive, and not being enjoyed?

We live in such a digital age now, and whilst we are getting better at taking snaps, how many of them do we actually print and hang around the house?

I love to see my images in hard format, and whilst I offer digitals, I will always present the USB with 6 x 4 prints included in the price. If you love an image, don’t keep it locked away on your phone or laptop where you might look at it once in a blue moon. I offer canvases, acrylics, prints (framed or Β not!), and can source various other forms of wall art. I can also provide albums or a bi- or tri-fold folio. Just please get it out in the open somehow – you won’t regret it! Memories and moments – for cherishing, not hiding.

Book your photoshoot for 2017 today:

Congratulations to Sarah Llewellyn who has won the free 2 hour photoshoot for 2017!

Thanks again for all of your support, and I can’t wait to see what 2017 brings.


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