#equinebusinessalphabet letter C! The dreaded tidying up job where you end up hairier than your horse.


If you are considering clipping your horse before your photoshoot, it’s best to do it 10 – 14 days before to give the clip chance to grow out a bit, and for any wayward lines (you know the ones!) to disappear. It also gives you 10 – 14 days to find all stray hairs in your clothes, and get them washed out of your hair… Wait, they’re all in your boots too??

When my boy is clipped, I find that giving him a hot towel down with a splash of dettol really brings his coat up beautifully shiny and lifts the grease. Everyone has their own methods though, and of course if you’re going to use products such as dettol a skin patch test is recommended before going ahead!

Don’t feel that you must clip your horse before a shoot however – a lush thick coat in the winter can look absolutely adorable, and saves you the hassle and discomfort of getting absolutely covered in hair! Goodness knows how it gets into everything, but it always does. So if you have a woolly bear for a horse, don’t be afraid to embrace it and snuggle on in!



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