Thanks to Rose of Daydream Equine Art for tagging me into this challenge! Every day for the next 26 days I will post an image (or even a video!) related to every letter of the alphabet #equinebusinessalphabet

The aim of the game is to let you know a bit more about my business, maybe behind the scenes, a bit of an insight from me, or if I struggle to think of something, a bit of an iffy connection! Let’s see what comes up!

So, A is for Aspiring.


There’s one thing that I always find with horsey people, and that is their aspirations of what they want to be able to do with their horse. Whether it’s to enjoy going out and hacking, or if you want to build up to jumping a 3 foot fence, or go out and achieve in cross country or dressage, there’s usually something. We almost always know we can do something better, and next time we will get that circle right, or that pole up instead of rolling it!

I aspire to building my relationship with Rio to a point where I can ride him on my own, and even be able to go out on a solo hack. Today, I aspired to mounting in the schooling field at our yard, which he has never been particularly fond of, and walking a couple of laps before we hacked out with Sarah and Franks, and we did a grand job. Tomorrow I aspire to schooling Rio out there for a bit, probably on our own completely! It’s a long road to where I want to be, but we’re taking one step and one day at a time. I aspire to one day take him out and do a dressage test! There are always things to work towards and build up to when you have a horse.

It’s your aspirations that inspire my images. So what do you aspire to do with your horse?


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